Information For Reviewers

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All papers evaluated by the Editorial Board
to be meeting the requirements of the
Instructions to Authors are forwarded for
peer review. At this stage, they are reviewed
by at least two independent reviewers who
are specialised in the field of work for which
the Editorial Board has agreed that it falls
within the scope of the journal.
The procedure of peer review is doubleblind, for both authors and reviewers. The
reviewers are sent coded papers, with no
names of authors, which they must evaluate
as per instructions and on a prescribed form
(Suitability of Paper for Publication Form)
received by the Editorial Board. The
completed Suitability of Paper for
Publication Form must then be returned via
email to the Editorial Board.
The reviewer’s comments intended for
authors are sent to them via email. In case
of major revision needed, the paper will be
reviewed once again. The reviewer must not
undertake the peer review process should
he/she deem himself/herself unqualified to
do so, and must notify the Editorial Board of
any potential conflict of interest or
irregularities relative to the paper received.
Each paper received for review should be
treated as confidential. The Editorial Board
shall render the final deci- sion on
publication and classification of the pa- per
based on the opinions of reviewers provided
in the Suitability of Paper for Publication
Form and based on the corrections
undertaken by the authors.